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Welcome to Sundaram Institute of Medical Science, Patna, Bihar

Many health-related disasters have been coming in the past in human history and for a long time people have been feeling the lack of resources especially in the health sector. But for the last 2 years, the way the whole world is facing the corona epidemic, the awareness of people towards health services and the medical field has increased as well as new scope and possibilities of career in the medical field have also increased. This condition is being seen not only in India but in countries all over the world, medicines and vaccines have become a necessity. At present, our country has made a special place in this sector. India is making a mark as the pharmacy of the world, today our country is the world's largest supplier of generic medicines, India supplies 62% of the world's vaccines. The size of India's pharmaceutical sector is likely to more than double in the next five years and it is clear that lakhs of employment and self-employment opportunities will be generated in the pharmacy sector. Seeing this opportunity, the founder of Sundaram Institute of Medical Science, Shri Shankar Kumar,has taken a pledge that the youths of Bihar should also participate in these emerging areas and they should also be provided with the right solutions and all facilities. With this thinking "Sundaram Institute of Medical Science" has been established.

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